Lean manufacturing
Lean manufacturing
Lean manufacturing

Lean manufacturing training

Lean Manufacturing Principles

The primary students for the online distance learning course are engineers, managers, supervisors, and individuals responsible for implementing Lean Manufacturing in the organization.

The course is an in depth study of the Lean manufacturing discipline. Lean Manufacturing training teaches the use of many different concepts which work together to take waste out of the organization and create a lean organization.

The Lean Manufacturing Certification course teaches the details of all lean manufacturing principles which encompasses the lean manufacturing discipline. The online course is fairly long, however, it is necessary to learn how each of the disciplines work together to develop a lean manufacturing system. For example, SMED cannot be perfected without 5S and TPM. Kaizen and Visual Management are utilized throughout the implementation of lean manufacturing.

Lean manufacturing certification
All of the elements of Lean are taught in depth. The modules of the online distance learning course include (Click for details of each module) :

Lean manufacturingOverview of Lean
Lean manufacturingValue Stream Mapping
Lean manufacturingFlow
Lean manufacturingPull
Lean manufacturingCellular Manufacturing
Lean manufacturing5S
Lean manufacturingQuick Changeover (setup reduction)
Lean manufacturingEight Wastes
Lean manufacturingStandard Work
Lean manufacturingKaizen
Lean manufacturingVisual Management
Lean manufacturingTPM (Total Productive Maintenance)
Lean manufacturingOEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
Lean manufacturingLean Manufacturing Certification Course Curriculum
Lean manufacturing certification


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Lean manufacturing
For example, SMED cannot be perfected without 5S and TPM. Kaizen and Visual Management are utilized throughout the implementation of lean manufacturing.

Many online distance learning and on site Lean manufacturing training courses provide a basic overview. Most require the completion of several courses to obtain the full knowledge, such as separating Value Stream Mapping, 5S, SMED, and TPM. These methods are often effective but expensive and time consuming. Whereas, our lean manufacturing certification course will cost you much less than most online course providers. We offer learning by delivering more practical understanding rather than pure theoretical knowledge. We have professionals who designed special programs for the students indulged in online distance learning courses. With this kind of method we try to make the learning more interactive rather than descriptive, so as to make learning lean manufacturing an enjoyable experience. This kind of course is best for those who want to learn quickly and get into the professional world, or implement lean manufacturing within their organization. This is the reason why more and more people are applying for lean manufacturing certification training online. Another reason is that it saves time and is cost effective also, as compared to other courses that only provide an overview of lean manufacturing.

BPR developed one longer course to provide the student with complete knowledge to implement lean manufacturing in the organization beginning day one after completion.

Our “overview” is free. Please feel free to learn more on each module by clicking on the modules list above.

Lean manufacturing
Lean manufacturing