Course Method

Our distance learning courses, both CD and on line, are developed with the student in mind. The course can be taken as a seminar type of training or as any course from beginning to end with completion of several quizzes.

The online education courses are detailed enough for the student to immediately begin to apply the material learned. The courses are developed from a theory and applications method from experience in the business world.

The courses are based on application of best practice principles. Although some theory is necessary for content delivery, the majority of the courses are developed with the application in mind.

Students completing the courses will be provided with a Professional Education Certificate from Best Practice Research Associates.

BPR’s distance learning provide an easy way to learn the fundamentals of the best practice fundamentals in business today. The business world today is filled with various functional departments and disciplines. However, the best led companies excel in a few certain areas, and these areas are the focus of Best Practice Research.

For example, our Lean Manufacturing certification course delivers expertise in critical new business tools such as OEE, Kaizen, 5S, and Value Stream Mapping. Completion of the course provides in depth Lean manufacturing knowledge, which is one of the most sought after credentials for manufacturing professionals.

BPR’s finance course teaches the basics of finance many managers were never taught. Many learned the basics of debits and credits, but have little understanding of the balance sheet, cash flow statement, or financial ratios.

The three other areas of best practice focus on teaching the sales, supervisor management, and negotiation skills necessary to lead the corporation to success.