FAQ about six sigma
FAQ about six sigma

FAQ about six sigmaFAQ About Six Sigma

How is BPR different from other companies?

BPR is different is several ways, all designed to deliver the best content at the highest value to the student. We focus on the overall development of the students so that they become competent enough to immediately apply the knowledge gained in the professional world. The six sigma black belt and green belt and lean manufacturing courses are all 100% online.

The six sigma green belt certification covers over half of the discipline of six sigma. The six sigma black belt certification covers the broad discipline of six sigma. The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification covers both lean manufacturing and six sigma disciplines.

All course curriculum and format has been developed for ease and depth of learning. All courses include many quizzes and exercises to provide an enjoyable learning experience. This format prevents boredom, but also enables learning that cannot be matched with live courses.

· BPR’s in depth research of best practices
· Courses delivered by subject matter expert
· Course concentration on implementation rather than theory (except Finance, which is 50% theory and follows Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
· All courses 100% internet delivery (no downloads) or through CD-ROMs
· Course taken at your convenience through distance learning (24/7)
· Payment flexibility (credit cards, check, company purchase order)
· Company PO’s with net 30 day terms accepted (no waiting to take the course)

What does certification require?

The courses are detailed, and therefore designed to ensure the student has learned the material throughout the course. There are several quizzes throughout each course, and a test at the end of the course. Once the student achieves the passing grade, the certification (suitable for framing) is mailed to the student.

How are courses ordered and delivered?

Simply click on "courses" on the home page toolbar . Determine which course you would like to take. You are then taken to our secure payment processor 2co.com to complete payment. Within 24 hours, you will be sent all course information including course instructions and link, user ID and password to begin the course. When taking a six sigma course, you will also receive SigmaXL software to utilize in the course. SigmaXL is one of the most popular six sigma software offered, and included in our six sigma courses at no additional cost.

How detailed are the courses?

The courses are as detailed as necessary. For example, Lean Manufacturing is very detailed because implementation requires learning several disciplines, such as 5S, kaizen, kanban, OEE (oee), and muda, the seven wastes (plus one).
Most books and courses on Lean are either an overview of the subject, or require many books or courses to be taken just to learn the material. Our list of modules, which many companies sell each as a separate course, is an example of the depth of understanding the student will obtain, all included in one course.
Finance for non financial managers, on the other hand, is not a complete delivery of every finance concept in detail. Our intent is to provide the manager with a good understanding of finance to be more effective on the job and in analyzing a P & L. It is important for a manager to know how to analyze a P & L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, and understand financial ratios. We do not cover the in depth study of capital markets and funding options, which might be a best practice for a CFO but not a non financial manager.

Six sigma black belt, six sigma green belt, and lean six sigma black belt are extremely detailed to cover the material sufficient for the student to learn the discipline well enough to immediately apply the knowledge. These courses normally take months to complete, but the knowledge is well worth the time investment. Anything less would not provide the necessary preparation to be a professional in the field of six sigma.

What future courses are being developed?

BPR will develop courses for “high demand” skills. These are the skills that help students achieve more on the job today, and provide the credentials for a better job tomorrow.

Are all the modules included in the lean certification course?
Yes, the lean manufacturing certification course includes all modules, including 5s, oee, 8 wastes (muda), kaizen, kanban, pull systems, value stream mapping, visual management, smed, total productive maintenance (tpm), overall equipment effectiveness (oee), cellular manufacturing, flow, and lean roadblocks.

FAQ about six sigma