I really think this is a very useful and practical training course and it opens anyone’s eyes to all the benefits that lean or TPS will do for your work and personal life. To keep looking for muda will make a very big difference if everyone is involved in Kaizen. VSM, and lean manufacturing activities.

I´ll keep learning from this training since you´ll never can get enough lean value in all your daily activities.

Edgar Murillo

I enjoyed the course and found it very thorough. I have had other Lean classes but this course really helped my understanding. With the material gained from this class, I can feel more confident in starting to implement Lean and speak to others.

Vince Yuhouse, Maintenance Manager

I would be honored to provide a testimonial for the course. The course you offered was very beneficial to me. It was offered at a reasonable cost and the content in it was straightforward and to the point. The fact that it was offered online and had to be completed within a given timeframe allowed me to work within my own time schedule with the motivation to complete it as expediently as possible. I researched the available courses before venturing into yours and the cost and content was exactly what I was looking for.
Today's business environment is not allowing a lot of companies to compensate employees for tuituion reimbursement. In response to this you not only offer value but you open the door to many who would otherwise not be able to take advantage of furthering their knowledge as they strive to help the company they work for maintain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

Gary Solarik

I'd be happy to be be used as a testimonial for your website. I found the Lean Manufacturing course to be informative and practical. It was not only an excellent refresher of some basic Six Sigma principals and
terminology, but gave more than a superficial look at the manufacturing aspect. I use the methods and principals in course development and safety analysis at V1 Training.

Good Luck and Best Regards,

Glenn C. Gosnell
Vice President, V1 Training, LLC.

  This is an excellent course to introduce interested persons to Lean Manufacturing. It would also be a great training tool for companies that do not have their own in-house training program. The subject matter is easy to read and understand. I have had numerous experiences involving CI initiatives but have not had formal training in all of the topics covered in this program. This will be a great source for reference.

Dan Koenig
Contract Engineer

  Thank you for being so patient. I am looking for a new job and hope the successful completion of this course aids in that process. I enjoyed the course and like the way each section builds upon the previous discussion area. I would like to see more graphics, although, most computer courses do not seem to utilize this area. I thought the charts aided in understanding the material.

Ruth Brown

Update 12/2/05
I am going to be teaching an introductory course in lean for a local college. You can certainly use my testimonial and I hope you have a Happy Holiday!
Ruth Brown
College Instructor

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Allegany State College
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