Trust, Honesty, Loyalty, and Integrity

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Professional supervision at all levels knows that trust, loyalty, and integrity are absolutely essential for the management career.

People simply will not perform at peak levels for someone they don’t trust. The saying that trust is earned is true. It also often takes a long time to earn it. Some people have had their trust betrayed so often that it may take years to totally earn it. And it can be lost in one minute with a single decision.

Professional managers never manipulate people. They understand in their heart that manipulation is wrong and unfair. They are straight forward with their employees. They tell them the truth even if it hurts. Professionals are also aware of unconscious manipulation, and think through decisions to be certain there is no hint of manipulation.

Good managers are always honest. They do what they say they are going to do. They keep their promises.

Professionals gain loyalty from their employees over time. They do it through their actions. They are also loyal to their own manager. They are always professional. When they oppose a manager’s view, they state their case, and then work hard to make the decision a success.

Professionals also stand up for their employees when they believe the person is right. They realize they are the voice of the employee to upper management.